NewsHave your say about Power To Choose.

Have your say about Power To Choose.

We think it's time for families to have their say about the cost of electricity in Texas. 

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The cost of electricity varies dramatically between providers meaning it's extremely hard to understand what a good offer is and what a bad offer is.Many people choose offers that ultimately cost them big! 

Have you ever used the Public Utilities Commission's website 'Power To Choose'? How did you find it? 

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We created a quick survey to find out as much as we can about Texas household electricity costs and the Power to Choose website: a website that's getting a lot of press for all the wrong reasons right now. 

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Have your say about Power To Choose.

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Barend from TX commented:

How does one see your rates for my zip code? 

Anonymous from TX commented:

None of the offers are clear about the cost of delivery charges, which can be a substantial portion of the electric bill 

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