92% of Texas customers have switched. Have you?

Did you know that since the electricity market was deregulated over 15 years ago, 92% of all customers have exercised their ability to switch providers.^ That's a lot, but the key is that people need to be doing it regularly.  If you're not currently in a contract with a provider, there's a good chance you're paying too much.  Click here to see our exclusively discounted electric rates... Read more

TriEagle Energy - No Gimmicks, No Gotchas

We recently unlocked exclusively discounted electric rates from TriEagle Energy, you can Click Here to switch and save now.  The offer is a 0.2c/kwh deduction off the entire range of Tri-Eagle Energy on-market fixed rate offers.*  TriEagle Energy already has some of the most competitive fixed rates in the market and are widely known for their clear, straight forward approach to electric... Read more

New energy efficiency scheme from Pennsylvania's utilities set to begin June 1.

This week we have seen more details into the new scheme from Pennsylvania's utilities, under the state's energy efficiency and conservation law ACT 129 of 2008. Set to begin June 1 2016, this scheme  has set targets for each utility to reduce overall use by 3% and peak demand on the hottest days by 2 percent.   This new roll out from Pennsylvania's utilities brings t... Read more

MYTHS BUSTED – 5 Energy Switching Myths Busted

Have you ever considered switching and then backed out because you weren’t quite sure what you were getting yourself into? This is a common issue with consumers the world over. That's why we've decided to bust 5 of the biggest energy switching myths.  Make sure you don't fall victim to these common myths about switching electricity: MYTH 1: “It's Not Wo... Read more

Doing it Big in Texas

This week, One Big Switch launched its first campaign here in the United States – the Big Dallas Energy Switch. Since we first decided to come to America, people have been asking me – why Dallas? After all, Dallas is known for its BBQ, the Texas State Fair, and a sport you guys call ‘football’ – not exactly friendly territory for an Australian who would sooner spen... Read more

What is the Big Dallas Energy Switch?

The Big Dallas Energy Switch Mission Join the Big Dallas Energy Switch and use People Power to unlock Group-Discounted Electricity for Dallas consumers. Joining is cost and obligation free. About the Big Dallas Energy Switch The Big Dallas Energy Switch campaign aims to  unlock group discounted electricity offers for Dallas households. We believe that if we can get 20,000 Dallas h... Read more

Answering the big One Big Switch questions...

Has it worked before?   One Big Switch has already helped tens of thousands of Australian, Scottish and Irish families access discounted electricity offers using the power of group switching.   Does it cost anything to take part in the Big Dallas Energy Switch? It costs nothing to take part. It is free to join, and free to take part.   So how does One Big Swi... Read more

How Does One Big Switch Work?

Consumers Register Consumers interested in joining the campaign can register cost and obligation free at   One Big Switch Negotiates One Big Switch uses the huge buying power of these registrants to negotiate and unlock a group discounted electricity offer.   Consumers Choose Once One Big Switch unlock a group discounted electricity offer, they wi... Read more

Why Launch One Big Switch in Texas?

One Big Switch launched in Texas because this summer, electric rates have been sky rocketing. Right now, you can take up exclusively discounted electric rates from TriEagle Energy, only available to you and other One Big Switch members in Texas.  What's on offer?  A 0.2c/kwh deduction off the entire range of Tri-Eagle on-market offers* No Gimmicks or Gotcha Charges Exclusively a... Read more

What is One Big Switch?

The One Big Switch Mission To build consumer power and help our members pay less for their household bills.   One Big Switch is one of the world’s fastest-growing consumer organizations, with operations in Australia, the UK and Europe and nearly 700,000 members. One Big Switch uses the collective switching power of its members to unlock group discounts on household bills ... Read more

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